7 Best 32 Inch TVs for the Seniors at Your Home (Ranked and Reviewed)

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As we grow older, our TV viewing habits also change. Seniors often need TVs that are designed to meet their specific needs, from easy-to-use features to large text on the screen. That’s why it can be helpful to look for a 32 inch television specifically made with seniors in mind. To make the task of picking out a good TV easier, we have researched and reviewed the 7 best 32 inch TVs that are suitable for seniors.

What are the Best 32 Inch TVs For The Seniors At Your Home?

Here are My Modern Cave’s top three picks from the 7 Best 32 Inch TVs for the Seniors at Your Home:

1) Samsung UN32N5300AFXZA 32-inch TV

4.9 Stars


Micro Dimming Pro: Enhanced Viewing For Seniors

With its Micro Dimming Pro with contrast, Samsung’s UN32N5300AFXZA 32-inch TV can help enhance the viewing experience for senior citizens. This built in feature adjusts brightness and darkness levels when watching television, allowing seniors to see better thanks to improved image depth.

Easily Access: Easy Access For Seniors

The Samsung UN32N5300AFXZA 32-inch TV offers seniors an easy and accessible option to help them stay in touch with their favorite show or film. With the built-in remote control, all of your entertainment needs can be found in one single place. This intuitive control makes it easier than ever to find whatever you want.

Clarity of Standard HD TVs: Enhanced Clarity For Seniors

The Samsung UN32N5300AFXZA 32-inch TV offers a viewing experience that is two times the clarity of other TVs. This means seniors can enjoy clearer and sharper visuals, allowing them to more easily comprehend movements on screen and understand dialogue without struggling with poor picture quality.

Fluid Browsing Experience: Seamless App Switching

This TV allows you to enjoy a fluid browsing experience thanks to its fast control switching between apps. This makes finding and accessing the content that matters most to you totally effortless, without any lag time. It also provides rich colors and crisp images for an immersive viewing experience, giving you access to high-resolution streaming from all of your favorite online services.


  • Full HD 1080p resolution
  • 2x the clarity
  • Micro dimming pro
  • Easily access using Samsung remote control
  • Quad core processor


  • Audio is a bit distorted at higher volume levels
  • Laggy controls

2) Insignia NS-32DF310NA19

4.7 Stars


Picture Quality: Rich Colors For Seniors

The Insignia NS-32DF310NA19 delivers a stunning 720p picture quality with deep blacks and rich colors that will help senior citizens easily identify what’s on the screen. Thanks to the bolder, more vivid colors and clarity of the image, seniors can recognize facial features with ease even from afar.

Voice Remote With Alexa: Tech For Seniors

With the included Voice Remote with Alexa, you can easily guide and control your Insignia without any physical effort. No more searching through multiple menu items to find what you are looking for – just say it out loud and Alexa will do the rest. It’s perfect for those tech novices who may feel overwhelmed using advanced remotes or menus.

All Entertainment in One Place: Senior Accessible Entertainment

This Insignia allows senior citizens easy access to thousands of shows and movies. With simple and intuitive controls, anyone can navigate the database of entertainment that’s been made readily available at their fingertips. Not only is this product minimalist in size, but also maximizes the user experience with its improved audio performance levels to make each show or movie feel more alive than ever before!

60Hz Refresh Rate: Crisp HD Viewing

With the Insignia NS-32DF310NA19, you’ll enjoy ultra-smooth motion that makes your favorite movies, shows, games and sports action come alive in crystal clear clarity. Refresh rates of 60 Hz eliminate choppiness and blurring so you can settle down for a comfortable movie night or take full advantage of up to two HDMI inputs for streaming multiple devices at once.


  • Control your TV with Alexa
  • Access thousands of shows
  • Great picture quality
  • Multiple device input & output options
  • Live over-the-air TV 


  • Some users face partial screen greying issues
  • Features are a bit slow to load

3) Hisense A4 Series 32-Inch

4.7 Stars


Motion Rate Image Processing Technology: Smooth Motion For Seniors

The Hisense A4 Series 32-Inch television features Motion Rate image processing technology to produce a smooth, fluid picture without blurring or ghosting. This makes it perfect for seniors with vision impairment, who can now enjoy their favorite shows with crystal-clear clarity that won’t be hampered by distortion. Best of all, this advanced Motion Rate feature also allows them to easily follow the action on fast movies and sports programs without strain or frustration.

Full Array LED Backlight: Enhanced Picture Clarity

The Hisense A4 Series 32-Inch features a full array LED backlight for enhanced contrast and rich colours, providing an even sharper picture. This helps seniors who have reduced vision and need their TV screens to be brighter in order to get the most out of watching shows. With the added benefit that higher clarity brings, seniors can focus on enjoying whatever show or program they choose with ease.

Automatically Adjusts Itself to Optimize Sports Content: Easier For Elders

Enjoying your favorite TV shows is greatly simplified with Hisense A4 Series 32-Inch. The television automatically adjusts itself to optimize the experience, making it easier and more comfortable for senior citizens to watch comfortably at home. With its improved resolution, color accuracy and vibrant images, as well as additional functionalities that are specifically tailored towards seniors, this product provides ease of use without sacrificing quality entertainment.

Voice Remote: Seamless Control For Seniors

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This TV provides seniors with a safe and hassle free operating experience. With its included Voice Remote, users have the ability to open apps, adjust the volume and navigate around their device quickly and easily without ever having to fumble with confusing buttons or small text screens.


  • Voice remote
  • DTS virtual: X
  • Slim bezel design
  • Google assistant
  • Chromecast built-in


  • Speakers lack bass and lows
  • No button on the remote control to adjust ratio aspect

4) Toshiba 32V35KU

4.4 Stars


Alexa Voice Remote: Easier For Grandparents

The Toshiba 32V35KU makes it easy for seniors to control the power and volume of their TV. With an Alexa Voice Remote included, they simply need to say what they want, making sure they don’t have to worry about pressing buttons or wading through complicated menus.

Endless Entertainment: Entertainment For Life!

This 32-inch HDTV from Toshiba, the 32V35KU, is sure to bring endless entertainment. With improved readability and picture quality, this TV can provide a whole new level of engagement that elder adults can enjoy.

Immersive Audio Experience: Lifelong Entertainment Enjoyment

The Toshiba 32V35KU will bring a lifelong entertainment enjoyment to senior citizens with its immersive audio experience. The virtualizing height feature brings crisp and clear sound, providing depth to their listening experience while they watch movies or TV shows.

Apple Airplay: Seamless Apple Connectivity

This innovative Toshiba 32V35KU offers the utmost convenience with seamless connectivity to your Apple device. Share videos, photos, music and more from any Apple device using AirPlay—no cables or adapters needed to make it work! Whether streaming content from Netflix® on your laptop or broadcasting a presentation in the office, this feature brings multi-device fluidity between you and your technology.


  • Picture optimizer
  • Bezel-less design
  • DTS virtual -X
  • REGZA power audio
  • Alexa voice remote


  • Some users complain of screen blackout issue
  • Remote is a bit laggy

5) TCL 32S327

4.4 Stars


Easy Voice Control: Easy Voice Control

With the TCL 32S327, using voice control with Amazon Alexa is effortless. It’s a wonderful way to help senior citizens access entertainment and other services easily without having to learn complicated remote controllers! Even if they need assistance, voice controls make it fun and simple for anyone of any age group to operate their TV.

Over 5,000 Streaming Channels: Smart For Seniors

The TCL 32S327 offers plenty of options for seniors wanting to stay connected and entertained. Its smart functionality provides access to over 5,000 channels offering up a huge selection of movies, TV shows, music and radio stations. It’s voice remote control makes it easy to navigate around the user interface, with no confusion or lengthy explanations required.

1080p Full HD Resolution: Crystal-Clear Clarity

This TCL TV offers superior image quality with a full 1080p HD resolution. This means that the details will be pristine and colors vibrant, helping senior citizens distinguish text and images more easily. Take advantage of this amazing feature to enjoy clear visuals without sacrificing comfort or convenience – perfect when deciding how to watch your favorite movies or shows!

Direct-lit LED: Brilliant Visuals Guaranteed

The TCL 32S327 is equipped with a direct-lit LED that ensures exceptional picture quality with deep blacks, bright whites, and vibrant colors. The LED panel also prevents motion blur during fast-paced video scenes due to the 60Hz refresh rate. The smart design of this device technology results in an immersive viewing experience that you won’t find anywhere else!


  • Easy voice control
  • 1080p full HD resolution
  • ‎Roku TV Operating System
  • Great picture quality
  • Smart Functionality offers access to over 5,000 streaming channels


  • The TV, at times, says that the headset is connected when it isn’t.
  • Option to switch between two channels is missing

6) TCL 32S334

4.2 Stars


Google Assistant Built-in: Seniors Elevated

Utilizing the intuitive Google Assistant built-in to the TCL 32S334 television, seniors and elderly individuals can benefit from a cutting edge technology at their fingertips. Google Assistant provides access to an array of features that make entertainment and life easier for seniors, including voice searches, streaming content and friendly reminders so that nothing is forgotten.

Full HD 720p Resolution: Crystal-Clear Picture For Seniors

This HD resolution of 720p will provide seniors with a clear picture that is easier to read. Visual accuracy and clarity are improved, so individuals can enjoy their favorite shows and movies in vivid detail. The TV’s Full HD resolution also helps to reduce eye fatigue, making watching TV comfortable for senior citizens who may have more sensitive eyes than average.

Chromecast Built-in: Cast with Ease

The TCL 32S334 supports Chromecast Built-in, so you can use your smartphone to cast movies, music and more on the TV in an instant! No complicated setups or extra equipment needed – just press a button to seamlessly stream your favorite content. Plus, Chromecast works across platforms, so you have access to endless multimedia options for endless streaming entertainment.

All Your entertainment in One Place: Enjoy Convenience

This TV is perfect for anyone who wants to keep all their entertainment in one place. The simplified home screen allows easy access to streaming services such as Netflix and Hulu, so you don’t have to switch between multiple devices. You can also use the universal search feature on your remote control to quickly find whatever content or show you want.


  • Stunning picture quality
  • Google assistant
  • Simple, speedy home screen
  • Thousands of streaming apps
  • Chromecast Built-in


  • YouTube TV sometimes freezes, buffers and crashes
  • The remote control is a bit laggy

7) Samsung QN32Q60AAFXZA 32-inch TV

4.1 Stars


100% Color Volume With Quantum Dot: Vibrant Viewing for Seniors

The Samsung QN32Q60AAFXZA 32-inch TV features 100 Color Volume with Quantum Dot technology that provides a vibrant viewing experience with accurate color saturation. This can be especially beneficial to seniors, who may find it difficult to distinguish between colors on traditional televisions. With the enhanced contrast, brightness and picture clarity offered by this advanced technology, seniors can enjoy movies and shows with increased sharpness and vividness.

Quantum HDR: Sharper Vision For Seniors

The TV features Quantum HDR technology, an essential feature to help seniors see their favorite movies and shows in vivid detail. This intuitive HDR technology enables the TV to reveal subtle details that can be missed by other televisions, resulting in greater clarity for the viewer. Also, it reduces eye strain so seniors don’t have to squint to read captions or adjust light settings when watching media.

Quantum Processor 4K Lite: Ultra-Vibrant Imaging

The cleverly designed Quantum Processor 4K Lite technology in this Samsung TV makes your viewing experience truly unbeatable. Its images come to life with rich and vibrant colors, creating a realistic picture scene for an optimized viewing experience every time. With this processor on board, you can take advantage of incredibly sharp details even at split-second action sequences so that nothing goes unnoticed.

Multiple Voice Assistants: Voice Assistants for Seniors

The TV offers convenient voice assistant technology to help seniors with navigating the user interface more easily. With multiple voice assistants on board, you can access various services and use media streaming quickly without having to resort to trying out a complicated remote control. Seniors can also receive help setting up their TV and making adjustments quickly so they don’t have to stress or struggle unnecessarily while using it.


  • Dual LED backlight
  • Air slim design
  • 100% Color Volume in the DCI-P3 color space
  • Smart TV with multiple voice assistants
  • Smooth motion for a clear picture


  • Some users face screen blackout issue
  • TV tend to be super bright which may annoy elders

FAQs about 32 Inch TVs for Seniors:

1) What is the easiest TV to operate for seniors?

The most suitable television for elderly individuals would be one that is ergonomically designed to facilitate ease of operation. This would include a simplified user interface, with an intuitive navigation structure and clearly defined symbols or labels, as well as an easy-to-understand instructional manual. Additionally, a remote control with large buttons and minimal functions would provide the greatest ease of use.

2) What is the best smart TV for an old person?

To ascertain the most suitable smart television for an elderly individual, it is essential to consider many factors. Specifically, it is important to evaluate attributes such as the size and resolution of the display, connectivity options, user interface design and accessibility features. For example, a large-screen 4K TV with good picture quality and sufficient brightness will be beneficial for older viewers who may have difficulty discerning small details on a lower resolution display.

3) Is 32 inch TV good for seniors?

If the senior is still relatively active and has excellent vision, then a 32-inch television may be appropriate. The size offers a viable solution for seniors in terms of its form factor and size. The device does not overly dominate the space within which it is placed, nor is it too small for comfortable viewing. It also presents a good balance between visual resolution and perceived sharpness, making it ideal for those with a decent vision.

4) How can the elderly simplify TV?

To simplify the television viewing experience for elderly individuals, it is necessary to consider the cognitive impairments associated with aging, such as slowed reaction time and diminished processing capabilities. Specifically, a decrease in visual acuity may necessitate a reduction in the complexity of menus and user interfaces. Also, technological solutions such as voice control or gesture recognition systems can be employed to provide an intuitive and easily navigable interface.

5) What do 90 year olds like to watch?

Older adults, particularly those in the 90 year old range, tend to gravitate towards content that is emotionally and cognitively engaging. They are likely to seek out programming that evokes reminiscence and nostalgia, offering a sense of comfort and familiarity. They may also be drawn to programming that appeals to their experience-based wisdom, such as factual documentaries exploring topics like history and important cultural events.

They also love content with a nostalgic and familiar aesthetic, such as classic movies from their formative years or long-running television series which resonate with them on an emotional level.

6) What time of day do older people watch TV?

It has been empirically documented that elderly individuals tend to prefer a later circadian rhythm when it comes to television viewing. This phenomenon can be attributed to the fact that older adults are more likely to experience sleep disturbances, and thus, an evening schedule is often more conducive to their lifestyle patterns.

7) How much TV is too much for seniors?

Given the increased complexity of life and the increasing prevalence of technology in society, it is important to consider the impact of media consumption on seniors. It is widely accepted that excessive exposure to television for seniors can be detrimental to overall health outcomes, given its role in reducing physical activity and encouraging sedentary behavior. Therefore, television viewing for seniors should be limited to around 2-3 hours a day.

Here is a Helpful Video for Everyone Regarding Screen Time:

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