7 Best 32-inch TVs Perfect for Your Bedroom (Ranked and Reviewed)

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Choosing the right TV for your bedroom can be a tough decision. With so many different sizes, brands, and features, it can be hard to narrow down which one is the best choice. If you’re looking for a TV with just the right size, then a 32 inch model might be just what you need. This article will rank and review the 7 best 32 inch TVs that are perfect for your bedroom.

What are the Best 32 Inch TVs Suitable for your Bedroom?

Here are My Modern Cave’s top three picks from the 7 Best 32 Inch TVs That Are Perfect For Your Bedroom:

1) TCL 32S334

4.9 Stars


Built-in Google Assistant: Voice-Controlled Convenience

With the TCL 32S334, you can control the TV with your voice! Access all your favorite streaming channels quickly and easily. For a bedroom setup that’s both practical and user friendly, the integrated Google Assistant is perfect – just ask to play your desired video or music at any time of day. When you want to change channels, commands are handled in an instant thanks to this smart feature.

VESA Wall Mount Pattern: Bedroom Perfection

This TCL television has a VESA wall mount pattern that fits perfectly in bedrooms, giving you all the convenience and space of mounting your TV to the wall without sacrificing quality or appearance. The 32″ size makes this the perfect option for smaller rooms where viewing angle and image quality can be easily improved by raising or angling the display. The sleek modern design also blends seamlessly into any decor, creating an elegant addition that’s sure to enhance your bedroom experience.

Simplified Home Screen: Whole Home Entertainment

The TCL 32S334 allows you to conveniently access all your favorite shows, movies, music and more in one place. With a simplified home screen, you’ll be able to quickly find the entertainment you’re looking for without having to look through multiple different apps or devices.

Chromecast Built-in: Seamless Streaming Along

The TCL 32S334 features Chromecast Built-in for convenient streaming from your phone or device directly to the TV. This makes it especially easy and precise for those who want less cords and clutter in their living room or bedroom, such as college students and small families.

720p Full High Resolution: Clarity, Color & Contrast

The TCL 32S334 provides an unbeatable viewing experience with full high definition resolution of 720p giving incredible detail and sharpness. Enjoy captivating visuals in stunning clarity as well as unsurpassed color reproduction and optimal contrast. From everyday TV watching to intense gaming sessions – vivid details come to life for a fully immersive multimedia experience!


  • Google Assistant is always on
  • Thousands of streaming apps
  • Two HDMI ports
  • Chromecast built-in
  • Vesa wall mount pattern


  • Some apps take a few seconds to load
  • Remote control lags a bit

2) Toshiba 32V35KU

4.8 Stars


Bezel-less Design: Uninterrupted Bedroom Viewing

The Toshiba 32V35KU features a bezel-less design that provides an uninterrupted and enriched viewing experience from any angle. It’s the perfect size to fit in even small bedrooms, giving you crisp visuals without taking up too much space. Every detail can be seen clearly with stunning picture quality for lifelike images that truly bring movies and shows to life after dark.

Picture Optimizer: Unrivaled Image Quality

This TV features a highly sophisticated Picture Optimizer that utilizes advanced computing to scan images frame by frame and adjust pixels accordingly. This intelligent technology delivers the most vibrant and accurate visuals for an unmatched viewing experience no matter what you’re watching.

REGZA Power Audio: Bedroom Audio Bliss

Toshiba’s 32V35KU with REGZA Power Audio offers powerful, full-bodied sound for all your bedroom entertainment needs. This audio system reproduces a fuller range of sound frequencies with low distortion and high clarity compared to other similar systems. Immersive and clear, you’ll be sure to relax and enjoy your favourite tunes in the comfort of your own home.

Alexa Voice Remote: Ultimate Bedroom Convenience

The TV makes it easier than ever to manage your television without even having to leave the comfort of your bed. With its Alexa Voice Remote, you can easily power on/off and control volume right from the remote – a convenient perk that makes watching TV in the bedroom more enjoyable.


  • Watch over 1 million streaming movies and episodes
  • DTS virtual
  • Apple Airplay
  • REGZA power audio
  • Bezel-less design
  • Picture optimizer


  • Screen looks a bit washed out
  • Expect a few operational glitches

3) Samsung QN32Q60AAFXZA QLED

4.6 Stars


Sleek & Slim Design: Sleek Style for Bedrooms

The Samsung QN32Q60AAFXZA QLED TV offers a sleek and slim design that’s perfectly suited for any bedroom. Its modern, minimal look gives the perfect touch of luxury to your decor, no matter your style. Plus, it can be easily wall-mounted or secured on an optional stand to free up additional space in your bedroom.

LED Backlight: Perfect for Bedroom Viewing

This Samsung QLED TV utilizes warm and cool LED backlights to provide a sharp contrast that really stands out in any bedroom. This feature is especially helpful for late night television viewing, as it helps reduce eye strain from harsh light levels.

Quantum Processor 4K Lite: Stunning 4K Resolution

With Samsung’s QLED, you can experience the highest quality in-home cinema. The state of the art Quantum Processor 4K Lite transforms your favorite movies and shows right before your eyes to stunning 4K resolution making all those colours more vivid, detailed and clear than ever before. With this immense amount of detail and clarity you won’t be able to believe what your watching is being shown on a TV screen throughout incredible depth.

Multiple Voice Assistants: Voice-Activated Bedroom TV

The Samsung QN32Q60AAFXZA QLED is the perfect display for your bedroom, featuring multiple voice assistants that can be activated with just a simple command. Enjoy hands free access to all of your favorite content; no more uncomfortable reaching for the remote in bed at night!


  • Air slim design
  • 100% Color volume in the DCI-P3 color space
  • Dual LED backlight
  • Ultra-intense 4K vivid color
  • Quantum dot technology
  • Ultra-smart quantum processor 4K Lite


  • TV speaker has too much bass
  • Backlighting is not great

4) Insignia NS-32DF310NA19

4.4 Stars


720p Picture Quality: Perfect Bedroom Picture

The Insignia NS-32DF310NA19 provides superior picture quality with 720p resolution. Every image comes to life with dynamic deep blacks and luxurious rich colors, perfect for the intimate setting of your bedroom. Additionally, the vibrant detail will enable you to gain an immersive viewing experience so that you can enjoy your favorite movies or shows even when in bed. With this product, getting cozy in bed never looked better!

Voice remote: Effortless Bedroom Control

This Insignia TV is perfect for controlling from the comfort of your own bedroom. The Voice Remote with Alexa makes it easier than ever before to quickly adjust settings and find what you want to watch without leaving your bed. With this device, you and the elders at your home can access features such as changing volume or channels and easily search App Store without lifting more than your finger. An effortless way to end lazy days in bed!

Entertainment in Bedroom: Ultimate Bedroom Entertainment

The Insignia NS-32DF310NA19 can provide the ultimate entertainment experience for any bedroom. With over 1 million streaming movies and TV episodes, you can find your perfect movie or series to watch in bed. From action blockbusters to thought-provoking documentaries, this device has something for everyone. Enjoy endless entertainment at home with our Insignia NS-32DF310NA19!

Easy to Connect: Gain Easy Connectivity

This TV provides users with effortless, diverse options for connecting all of their devices. Its dual-band Wi-Fi allows for reliable connections without any unnecessary interference or drops in signal strength. Additionally, the product offers 3 HDMI inputs and multiple input outputs so consumers can conveniently join external devices to the TV using a wide array of ports that have been optimized for compatibility with everything from gaming systems to cable boxes.


  • Powered by quad-core processor
  • Dual-band Wi-Fi
  • Watch over 1 Million streaming movies and TV episodes
  • 720p picture quality
  • Voice remote with Alexa


  • Users report infrequent app crashes
  • Remote control is a bit laggy

5) LG 32LM577BPUA

4.4 Stars


Optimizes Picture Quality: Bedroom Picture Perfection

The LG 32LM577BPUA features a quad core processor that optimizes picture quality to its highest level. Enjoy smooth and pristine visuals enhanced by true color for the best possible viewing experience. Plus, with an optimized resolution suited perfectly for your bedroom setting you are guaranteed perfect pictures each time you turn on your TV.

Dynamic Color Enhancer: Natural Bedroom Content

This LG TV offers a stunningly natural picture, thanks to its Dynamic Color technology. Everything from movies to video games will look amazing in your bedroom, with crisp and vibrant visuals that almost feels real. With an optimized viewing experience tailored just for bedrooms, you’ll enjoy media like never before!

Works With Google Assistant & Alexa: Smart Bedroom Ready

This device works with both Google Assistant and Alexa, meaning it’s easy to control from afar convenience or from within the comfort of your own bed. What makes this even more unique is that you can issue voice commands such as changing channels, turning up volume and all other tasks related to managing TV entertainment experience without moving an inch!

HD 720p Resolution: Crisp HD Clarity

The LG 32LM577BPUA offers the clarity and brightness of an LCD display with a breathtaking HD 720p resolution. With such crisp image detail, you can take your movies to the next level, while also enjoying all your favorite programs in crystal clear quality. Thanks to its high pixel density and sharp contrast ratio, this monitor is guaranteed to give you an amazing viewing experience every time.


  • 1 Year Premium Extended Service Plan
  • Dynamic Color Enhancer
  • Quad Core Processor
  • Active HDR
  • Works with alexa & google assistant


  • Needs improvement in channel navigation
  • Lacks bluetooth

6) Hisense 32A4H

4.2 Stars


Gaming Experience:

The Hisense 32A4H offers you an unbeatable gaming experience. Boasting a game mode feature, it can quickly adjust settings like colour temperature, sound and more to give you quick responses with clearer visuals and sharper sounds – allowing you to focus on the fun of gaming without any interruptions.

Optimize Sports Content: Get the Best Sports Experience!

This TV offers a unique feature that optimizes your sports viewing experience. With its automatic adjustment, images become brighter and colors come alive to provide you with an amazing level of clarity in all your favorite sports content. Get the best athlete visuals and live surround-sound audio quality from its integrated high-end speakers – just like being at the game or on the court yourself!

Slim-bezel Design: Bedroom Luxury Design

This television is designed with a stunning slim bezel for a sleek, modern look. This luxurious design transforms bedrooms into showpiece spaces, giving you the perfect spot to enjoy your favorite movies and TV shows in comfort and style. With this unique product from Hisense, you can fully maximize your bedroom entertainment experience without taking up too much space.

Google Assistant: Convenient Bedroom Control

This Hisense 32A4H model offers ultimate control of your TV with the Google Assistant button on its remote – offering access to real-time help from the Google Assistant and a selection of voice commands. This makes it incredibly easy to execute activities such as accessing personalized calendar reminders, getting up-to-date weather forecasts, and making quick search queries for movies and shows directly from your bedroom device without needing separate gadgets or apps.


  • Chromecast Built-in
  • 120 Motion rate
  • Gaming without lag
  • 720p Resolution
  • Full array LED backlight


  • Occasionally throws messages like “Your device has failed verification”
  • TV takes a few seconds to get switched on

7) Samsung UN32N5300AFXZA

4.1 Stars


Micro Dimming Pro: Perfect Bedroom Contrast

Experience richer, deeper contrast in your bedroom with this Samsung TV. This TV features Micro Dimming Pro technology that can analyze data to optimize contrast and deliver more refined images while illuminating every detail of dark scenes perfectly. With this amazing feature you’ll always be able to spot even the slightest details during a movie or show no matter what time of day it is.

Quad Core Processor: Fluid Audio-Visuals

With its quad core processor, the Samsung UN32N5300AFXZA allows for a smooth and responsive experience when browsing online. From streaming music and films to keeping up with your social media accounts – this robust piece of technology can keep you well connected. The compact size makes it perfect for small spaces like a bedroom or study, so you can enjoy all the HD audio and visuals that life has to offer – without taking over whole rooms.

Ultra Clean View: Ultimate Bedroom Viewing

This TV packs a powerful punch with Ultra Clean View technology. It gives you higher quality images whether you’re watching movies or sports, creating the perfect viewing experience for any bedroom. This feature is designed to reduce image noise and refinement of various sources so your picture stays pristine, even when blowing up the image onto a large screen.

Full HD 1080p: Vivid 1080p Resolution

With twice the resolution of a standard HD TV, Samsung UN32N5300AFXZA provides a superior viewing experience for viewers looking for an immersive and vibrant visual entertainment. The Full HD 1080p brings high-quality pictures right into your living room that are sure to be enjoyed by family and friends alike. Enjoy watching movies, sports games, shows and more in true clarity with this product’s advanced features.


  • Full HD 1080p resolution
  • 2x the clarity of standard HD TVs
  • Micro Dimming Pro
  • Enhanced contrast
  • Quad Core Processor


  • User guide lacks adequate information
  • YouTube app does not work great

FAQs about 32 Inch TVs for Bedroom:

1) Is a 32-inch TV good for a bedroom?

In general, small to medium-sized TVs are beneficial for bedrooms due to their relatively low levels of intrusive visual stimuli. As far as the 32-inch is concerned, it is a perfect size for a typical bedroom.

2) How can I make my TV look good in the bedroom?

To aesthetically optimize your television in the bedroom, it is recommended to consider certain design elements. An appropriate colour palette can be used to create an ambiance, and if possible, the television should be placed on a stand that allows for optimal viewing angles, with minimal glare from other sources of light. Also, accessories such as wall art or furniture pieces may be considered to help add visual interest while complementing the style of the television.

3) How do I choose the right TV for my room?

  • Consider factors such as the size of the room and the viewing distance.
  • You must also evaluate different aspects of the display technology, such as resolution and contrast ratio.
  • Explore features like HDR compatibility, frame rate interpolation, adaptive backlight dimming, local dimming zones and other imaging technologies.
  • The size of the television should be weighed in relation to the dimensions of the room, as well as any visual obstructions that may impact viewing angles

4) Is it worth having a TV in bedroom?

If overused, TV can be a source of distraction, potentially leading to sleep disturbances. On the other hand, if you use it wisely, it can provide an opportunity for relaxation and entertainment, thereby allowing individuals to decompress after the rigours of daily life.

5) Where do you put a 32-inch TV in a small bedroom?

In a small bedroom, the optimal placement for a 32 inch TV depends upon the location of the viewing area, as this will influence the angle from which the television will be viewed. Pieces of furniture must be taken into account to ensure that there is sufficient space for all pieces. Proximity to electrical outlets should also be evaluated to minimize cord length and any potential aesthetic issues.

6) Is a 32-inch TV big enough for a small living room?

When compared to larger televisions available on the market, a 32-inch screen may be limited in terms of visual acuity, but it is still possible to enjoy a satisfactory viewing experience with this size.

7) Where to put a 32-inch TV in a room with no walls?

Given that the room in question lacks walls, the most viable option for placing a 32 inch television is to suspend it from the ceiling via a specialised mount. This solution offers several advantages, including optimised viewing angles and maximisation of available floor space. Moreover, when positioned near the centre of the room, this arrangement ensures uniform distribution of sound to all points in the area.

8) What size TV should I get for my bedroom?

Depending on the size of the room, smaller TVs such as those in the range of 32-43 inches may be suitable while larger ones are more appropriate for larger bedrooms. While larger televisions such as a 55-inch one can offer an immersive viewing experience, they may not be practical for smaller living spaces. It is important to factor in the distance between your seating area and the TV when determining what size television would be best for your specific space.

9) Is 32 inch TV screen too big for bedroom?

A 32-inch television screen has an ideal viewing distance range from 4-6 feet, and thus may appear to be too large in more cramped bedrooms where viewers are closer than the recommended viewing distance.

10) How do I know if my TV is too big for a room?

Consider the spatial limitations of the room in question. A simple and reliable method to determine if the television is adequate would be to calculate the area of the room and then compare it to that of the television’s native aspect ratio. If it can be determined that there is an insufficient amount of available space for the television, then it is likely that said television would be too large for the room.

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