9 Coastal Wall Decor Ideas to Turn Your Walls into a ‘Shell-abration’

by Charlie
coastal wall decor

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Have you ever walked into a room and felt like you’ve been transported to a beachfront vacation home? No, we’re not talking about finding sand in your shoes (again), we’re talking about the allure of coastal wall decor. With the right pieces, you can create a seaside oasis, no matter where you live. So, let’s dive in, shall we?

Understanding the Essence of Coastal Wall Decor

What Defines Coastal Wall Decor?

Coastal wall decor captures the spirit of the beach, from the open ocean to the sandy shore. It often incorporates natural materials, nautical themes, and a soothing color palette inspired by the sea.

The Importance of Coastal Wall Decor in Your Home

Just like a well-placed seashell can make a beach, the right coastal wall decor can transform a room. It adds character, creates a relaxing ambiance, and can turn any space into a coastal retreat.

Key Elements of Coastal Wall Decor

Coastal wall decor often involves hues of blues, greens, whites, and sandy neutrals. Sea life motifs, nautical symbols, and beach-inspired textures are also common. But enough of the chit-chat, let’s dive into the deep end!

9 Coastal Wall Decor Ideas for Different Sections of Your House

Idea #1: Nautical Maps

Perfect for Living Room Walls

Nautical maps are an excellent way to navigate your way to a chic coastal living room. They add a sense of adventure and are a great conversation starter (because who doesn’t want to talk about buried treasure?).

Choosing and Displaying Nautical Maps

When selecting a map, consider its colors and how they fit into your existing decor. Framed vintage maps can lend a classic touch, while modern interpretations can add a pop of color.

Idea #2: Beach-inspired Paintings and Prints

Bedroom Wall Art

Your bedroom is your sanctuary, so why not make it a beach sanctuary? Beach-inspired paintings and prints can be incredibly calming, making them a great choice for your sleep space.

Selecting Beach-inspired Paintings and Prints for Your Bedroom

Choose artwork that speaks to you. Maybe it’s a sunset beach scene, a detailed seashell print, or an abstract ocean painting. The key is to choose something that helps you relax.

Idea #3: Ship-inspired Wall Decor

Bringing Adventure to Your Home Office

Who says work has to be boring? Ship-inspired wall decor can turn your home office into an exciting maritime adventure. Just don’t start referring to your desk as the “captain’s quarters” (unless you’re really into role-play).

Choosing and Arranging Ship-inspired Wall Decor

Think old ship wheels, anchor wall hangings, or even model ships. Arrange them on a shelf, hang them on the wall, or display them on your desk for a touch of coastal charm.

Idea #4: Driftwood Wall Art

Coastal Wall Decor for Your Hallway

Hallways are often overlooked, but with some driftwood wall art, yours can be a coastal statement. Plus, you can tell everyone you “found it washed up on the shore” (we won’t tell).

Creating Driftwood Wall Art Displays

Driftwood can be arranged into many shapes – think fish, anchors, or abstract designs. Or, keep it simple with a beautiful piece of driftwood on a floating shelf.

Idea #5: Coastal Wall Decor with Seashells and Starfish

Bathroom Wall Accents

Seashells and starfish are practically synonymous with the beach, making them the perfect coastal wall decor for your bathroom

Incorporating Seashells and Starfish into Your Coastal Wall Decor

Creating a seashell or starfish display can be as simple as mounting a shadow box filled with your beach finds. Or, if you’re feeling crafty, glue them to a canvas in a pleasing pattern for a DIY art piece.

Idea #6: Ocean-themed Wall Murals

A Dramatic Touch for Your Dining Room

Why settle for a simple coat of paint when you can have a seascape on your wall? Ocean-themed wall murals can turn your dining room into an under-the-sea dining experience. Just watch out for mermaids trying to crash your dinner parties.

Choosing and Installing Ocean-themed Wall Murals

Choose a mural that complements your existing decor and fits your wall size. Consider hiring a professional for installation to ensure your mural looks its best.

Idea #7: Lighthouse Wall Decor

A Classic Look for Your Kitchen

Lighthouse wall decor can guide your kitchen design to new heights. It’s a classic coastal symbol that works well in a variety of spaces.

Selecting and Arranging Lighthouse Wall Decor

Consider a lighthouse-themed clock, a series of lighthouse prints, or even a lighthouse-shaped coat rack. Arrange them so they can be easily seen and appreciated as you cook or enjoy a meal.

Idea #8: Coastal-inspired Gallery Walls

Personalized Coastal Wall Decor for Your Living Room

A coastal-inspired gallery wall lets you showcase your favorite beach-themed art and photos. It’s a great way to create a personalized focal point in your living room or your porch or even the entryway.

Designing and Creating a Coastal-inspired Gallery Wall

Mix and match different types of art and photographs, but keep your frames consistent for a cohesive look. Arrange them on the floor first to get the layout just right, then start hanging.

Idea #9: Wooden Beach Signs

A Fun Addition to Your Patio or Outdoor Space

Wooden beach signs can add a touch of coastal fun to your outdoor spaces. They’re a playful way to bring the beach vibes outside, and they make a great backdrop for those summer BBQ selfies.

Finding and Displaying Wooden Beach Signs

Look for signs with fun sayings, beach town names, or classic symbols like surfboards and flip-flops. Hang them on your patio wall or even on a fence for a beachy touch.

Blend Coastal Wall Decor Ideas for a Cohesive Home Design

Mix and Match Different Coastal Wall Decor Ideas

Don’t be afraid to mix and match different coastal wall decor ideas. A lighthouse here, a beach sign there, and before you know it, you’re living in a coastal dream.

Keep Your Home’s Theme Consistent & Balanced

While mixing is great, try to keep a consistent theme and color palette throughout your home. This will help your coastal wall decor feel balanced and intentional.

Allow Personal Style to Shine Through

Remember, this is your beach house (even if it’s really a city apartment). Let your personal style shine through your coastal wall decor choices.

Turning Your Walls into a ‘Shell-abration’ with Coastal Wall Decor

Congratulations, you’re now one step closer to turning your home into a coastal ‘shell-abration’! Remember, there’s no ‘right’ way to do coastal wall decor. It’s all about creating a space that makes you feel relaxed, happy, and maybe just a little bit like a beach bum. Happy decorating!

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