11 Dreamy Boho Outdoor Decor Ideas for the Free-Spirited

by Charlie
A boho backyard with a cozy seating area, a wooden coffee table with potted plants

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Picture this: You’re sitting in your backyard, sipping on a refreshing glass of iced tea, basking in the warm sunlight, surrounded by an oasis of tranquility and style. Sounds like a dream, right? Well, hold onto your wide-brimmed hats, free spirits, because we’re about to transform that dream into a reality with these 11 dreamy boho outdoor decor ideas

Get ready to tap into your inner artist and create an enchanting haven that’ll make you want to throw on a flowing dress, invite your besties over, and dance under the stars until dawn.

Embrace Colorful Textiles and Patterns

Incorporating throw pillows and blankets

A cozy boho backyard with Moroccan-style floor cushions and blankets in earthy colors

A true boho enthusiast knows that the secret ingredient for creating a whimsical paradise is none other than a pinch (or several) of color. Don’t be afraid to go wild with vibrant textiles and patterns!

Start by adorning your outdoor furniture with an eclectic mix of throw pillows and blankets, because let’s face it, who wouldn’t want to sink into a comfy cocoon while enjoying nature’s finest show?

Choosing patterned outdoor rugs

Another pro tip for mastering the boho outdoor decor ideas game: outdoor rugs are your best friends. Just imagine your bare feet sinking into a plush, patterned rug as you walk outside. Heaven! Mix and match different prints to add a layer of visual interest to your space, and always opt for eco-friendly materials to show Mother Earth some love.

Infographic on Boho Outdoor Decor Ideas

Create a Cozy Lounge Area

Using low-seating furniture

Transform your backyard into the ultimate relaxation zone with low-seating furniture. You’ll feel closer to nature while lounging on a low sofa or daybed, creating the perfect atmosphere for those heart-to-heart conversations under the stars. And, of course, don’t forget the throw pillows!

Hammocks and hanging chairs

Hammocks and hanging chairs in a boho backyard

Did someone say “boho paradise”? I bet they were talking about a backyard with a hammock or hanging chair. They’re perfect for lazy afternoons spent reading a book, sipping a cold drink, or just being present at the moment.

Essential Elements for a Boho Outdoor Lounge Area

ElementPurposeTips for Selection
Low-seatingEncourages relaxation and conversationOpt for natural materials like rattan or wicker
Floor CushionsProvides extra seating and comfortChoose colorful, patterned, and weather-resistant options
Coffee TableA functional surface for drinks, snacks, and decorGo for reclaimed wood or unique, artistic designs
Throw BlanketsAdds warmth, comfort, and a touch of colorPick vibrant patterns and cozy materials
Ambient LightingSets the mood and provides visibility at nightUse lanterns, string lights, or candles

Add Rustic Wooden Furniture

Using reclaimed wood for tables and chairs

Here’s an idea for all the eco-conscious free spirits out there: try incorporating rustic wooden furniture made from reclaimed wood into your backyard haven. Not only will you be saving trees, but you’ll also add a touch of earthy charm that’s so quintessentially boho.

Implementing wooden crates and pallets

Who knew that wooden crates and pallets could double as outdoor furniture? With a little bit of creativity and elbow grease, you can upcycle these items into functional and stylish boho outdoor decor ideas. Your wallet and the environment will thank you!

String Lights for a Magical Ambiance

Choosing the right type of lights

String lights hanging over a bohemian backyard

Now that your backyard is starting to come together, it’s time to add the pièce de résistance: string lights! You can opt for fairy lights, lanterns, or a mix of both, depending on your personal style. Just remember to always choose energy-efficient options like LED lights.

Creative ways to hang string lights

No one said you have to hang your string lights in a straight line! Add some pizzazz to your outdoor space by draping them in zigzag patterns, wrapping them around trees, or hanging them from a pergola. Let your imagination run wild!

Incorporate Natural Elements

Using plants and flowers for decoration

A bohemian backyard with a variety of potted plants and flowers

No boho outdoor decor ideas list would be complete without mentioning plants and flowers. They breathe life into any space and add a pop of color that’ll make your heart sing. Go for potted plants, and hanging planters, or even create a vertical garden to make your backyard feel like a lush oasis. And while you’re at it, consider adding some fragrant herbs like lavender or mint for a multi-sensory experience.

Top 5 Boho Outdoor Plants & Their Benefits

Plant NamePlant TypeBenefits
Swiss Cheese PlantTropical foliageAdds a lush, exotic touch; air-purifying qualities
LavenderAromatic herbLow maintenance, purifies the air, and adds a natural charm
Boston FernFernLow-maintenance, adds texture and comes in various shapes
SucculentsDrought-tolerantSweet-smelling, attracts pollinators and creates a romantic atmosphere
JasmineClimbing vineLow maintenance, purifies the air and adds a natural charm

Selecting nature-inspired materials and textures

When it comes to boho outdoor decor ideas, natural materials reign supreme. Think rattan, wicker, and bamboo for your furniture, and consider adding some jute or sisal rugs to the mix. These materials not only look stunning, but they’re also environmentally friendly and durable, which means they’ll withstand the test of time.

Enhance the Space with Boho Accessories

Dreamcatchers and wind chimes

Dreamcatchers and wind chimes hanging from a bohemian-style wooden gazebo

What’s a boho-inspired space without a few dreamcatchers and wind chimes? These charming accessories will not only add visual interest to your backyard, but they’ll also create soothing sounds as they dance in the breeze. Hang them from trees, pergolas, or fences to make your outdoor area feel truly enchanting.

Macramé wall hangings and plant holders

Macramé is the epitome of boho chic, so incorporating a few handmade wall hangings or plant holders into your outdoor decor is a must. Not only do they add texture and warmth to your space, but they’re also a nod to the free-spirited, artisanal lifestyle that boho is all about.

Step-by-Step Instructions: How to Make a Macramé Plant Hanger

Time needed: 15 hours

How to Make a Macramé Plant Hanger


• Cotton macramé cord (approximately 65-70 feet)
• Metal or wooden ring (2-inch diameter)
• Scissors
• Measuring tape
• A plant pot

  1. Step 1

    Cut eight pieces of macramé cord, each measuring about 8-9 feet long.

  2. Step 2

    Fold each cord in half, creating a loop at the midpoint. Pass the loop through the metal or wooden ring and pull the loose ends of the cord through the loop to create a Lark’s Head knot. Repeat this with the remaining cords, ensuring they are all securely attached to the ring.

  3. Step 3

    Divide the cords into four groups of four strands each. Within each group, measure about 4 inches down from the ring, and tie a square knot using the four strands. To do this, take the two outer strands and cross them over the two inner strands, creating a loop. Then, bring the outer strands behind the inner strands and through the loop. Pull tight to complete the square knot.

  4. Step 4:

    Create the second row of square knots by taking two strands from one group and two strands from the neighboring group. Measure about 3 inches down from the first row of square knots and tie a new square knot using these four strands. Repeat this process all around to connect each group with its neighbor.

  5. Step 5

    For the third row of square knots, repeat the process from Step 4, measuring about 3 inches down from the second row of square knots. This will create a net-like pattern.

  6. Step 6

    To finish the plant hanger, gather all the cords about 4-5 inches below the last row of square knots and tie them together using an overhand knot. Trim any excess cord, leaving a small tassel at the end.

  7. Step 7

    Place your plant pot inside the hanger, adjusting the knots as necessary to ensure a snug fit. Hang your macramé plant hanger in your boho outdoor space and enjoy your new creation!

Create an Inviting Dining Area

Selecting boho-inspired tableware

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Let’s talk about al fresco dining, shall we? Make your outdoor dining area feel like a dreamy escape by selecting boho-inspired tableware. Think colorful ceramic plates, artisanal glassware, and hand-carved wooden serving platters. Your dinner parties will be the talk of the town!

Using colorful table linens

Now that you’ve got your tableware sorted, it’s time to add some pizzazz to your dining area with colorful table linens. Table runners, placemats, and cloth napkins in eye-catching patterns and colors will elevate your outdoor dining experience to a whole new level of boho chic.

Decorating with candles and centerpieces

Set the mood for magical dinner parties with candles and centerpieces. Opt for unscented candles in colorful holders, and create a stunning centerpiece with an eclectic mix of flowers, succulents, and crystals. You’ll feel like you’re dining in a boho wonderland!

Integrate Artistic Touches

Painting a statement mural

A vibrant mural in a boho backyard, showcasing a mystical garden full of lush foliage

Why not use your backyard as a canvas for your artistic expression? Painting a statement mural on a fence or wall is a fantastic way to inject some personality into your outdoor space. Choose a design that speaks to your soul and watch your backyard come alive with color and creativity.

Displaying unique sculptures and artwork

Don’t be shy about showcasing your favorite sculptures and artwork in your outdoor space. Whether it’s a one-of-a-kind statue or a quirky piece of metalwork, these artistic elements will add depth and intrigue to your boho paradise.

Establish a Tranquil Water Feature

Adding a small fountain or pond

There’s something truly soothing about the sound of running water. Why not incorporate a tranquil water feature into your backyard haven? A small fountain or pond can instantly transform your outdoor space into a serene retreat, perfect for those moments when you need to escape the hustle and bustle of daily life.

Incorporating water plants

Once you’ve got your water feature up and running, consider adding some water plants like water lilies, cattails, or papyrus. They’ll not only enhance the visual appeal of your pond or fountain, but they’ll also help maintain the water quality by absorbing excess nutrients and providing oxygen.

Design an Outdoor Bar or Kitchen

Choosing functional and stylish bar elements

Take your outdoor entertaining game to the next level by designing a boho-inspired outdoor bar or kitchen. Start by selecting functional and stylish elements, like a boho-inspired bar cart, shelving with eclectic accents, and some comfy stools or chairs. Who said you have to compromise on style for functionality?

Incorporating an outdoor grill or cooking station

To make your outdoor bar or kitchen truly functional, consider incorporating an outdoor grill or cooking station. This will allow you to whip up some mouth-watering meals without having to leave your magical boho haven. And with a space like this, you’ll become the go-to host for all your friends’ gatherings!

Layer Outdoor Rugs and Floor Cushions

Mixing patterns and materials

Layer Outdoor Rugs and Floor Cushions in a boho backyard

Remember what we said about outdoor rugs earlier? Well, it’s time to take things up a notch by layering them! Mix and match patterns, materials, and even shapes to create an inviting, cozy seating area that’ll make your guests never want to leave. It’s all about breaking the rules and letting your creative spirit run free.

Creating a cozy seating space

Now that you’ve got your layered rugs in place, add some floor cushions or poufs to complete the look. This will create a relaxed, lounge-style atmosphere that’s perfect for those lazy summer evenings spent sipping cocktails and catching up with friends.

Top 5 Boho Color Palettes for Your Outdoor Space

Color PaletteColors IncludedMood & Vibe
Sunset BlissTerracotta, coral, blush pink, and goldWarm, welcoming, and dreamy
Earthy EscapeSage green, mustard yellow, and deep tealGrounded, soothing, and natural
Ocean RetreatAqua, navy, seafoam, and sandy beigeRefreshing, calming, and coastal
Gypsy GardenLavender, emerald green, and magentaWhimsical, romantic, and adventurous
Desert DreamBurnt orange, rust, and sandstoneEarthy, cozy, and sun-kissed

Quiz: Discover Your Ideal Boho Color Palette

Which environment do you find most appealing?

a) A vibrant cityscape

b) A serene forest

c) A peaceful beach

d) A lush, colorful garden

How do you prefer to spend your evenings?

a) Watching the sunset

b) Reading a book by candlelight

c) Strolling along the beach

d) Exploring a new city

Which textures do you gravitate towards?

a) Velvet and silk

b) Linen and cotton

c) Seashells and driftwood

d) Embroidery and lace

What kind of artwork do you prefer?

a) Abstract and colorful

b) Nature-inspired and earthy

c) Minimalist and coastal

d) Whimsical and eclectic


  • Mostly A’s: Sunset Bliss – Your ideal boho color palette is warm and welcoming, featuring terracotta, coral, blush pink, and gold.
  • Mostly B’s: Earthy Escape – Your perfect boho color palette is grounded and soothing, with shades of sage green, mustard yellow, and deep teal.
  • Mostly C’s: Ocean Retreat – You’ll love a refreshing and calming boho color palette with hues of aqua, navy, seafoam, and sandy beige.
  • Mostly D’s: Gypsy Garden – Your dream boho color palette is whimsical, romantic, and adventurous, featuring lavender, emerald green, and magenta.

Here is a Helpful Video on DIY Deck Makeover in Boho Style

Final Thoughts

There you have it, 11 dreamy boho outdoor decor ideas that’ll make your backyard feel like an enchanted oasis. We hope this post has inspired you to unleash your inner free spirit and transform your outdoor space into a stylish, whimsical haven.

Remember, the key to nailing the boho aesthetic is embracing your creativity, so don’t be afraid to experiment with colors, textures, and patterns. And most importantly, have fun!

We’d love to hear about your own boho outdoor decor ideas and see how you’ve brought your backyard to life. Share your stories and pictures in the comments below, and let’s spread the boho love! Happy decorating, fellow free spirits!

FAQs About Boho Outdoor Decor

1. How do I choose the best color palette for my boho outdoor decor?

Think about the mood and vibe you want to create, then pick a color palette that reflects that. Consider factors like the natural surroundings, existing furniture, and your personal style. You can try our quiz to find the ideal color palette that suits your style.

2. Can I mix different boho styles together?

Absolutely! The boho style is all about embracing your creativity and breaking the rules. Feel free to mix and match different elements to create a space that truly reflects your personality.

3. Is it possible to create a boho outdoor space on a budget?

Yes, you can! Look for affordable, eco-friendly materials and upcycle items like wooden crates or pallets. Shop for unique finds at thrift stores, flea markets, or online marketplaces.

4. How can I make my boho outdoor space more eco-friendly?

Opt for sustainable materials like reclaimed wood, bamboo, or rattan, and choose energy-efficient lighting options like LED or solar-powered lights. Incorporate plants that are native to your area and require less water.

5. How can I maintain my boho outdoor decor in different weather conditions?

Invest in weather-resistant materials, like outdoor fabrics for cushions and rugs, and protect your wooden furniture with sealants or covers. Bring delicate decor items and cushions indoors during extreme weather conditions.

6. How do I choose the right plants for my boho outdoor space?

Consider factors like the climate, sunlight exposure, and the amount of maintenance you’re willing to provide. Opt for plants that match the boho aesthetic, like ferns, tropical foliage, and fragrant herbs.

7. Can I incorporate a boho style into a small outdoor space?

Definitely! Utilize vertical space by adding hanging planters or a vertical garden, and choose multi-functional furniture like folding chairs or storage benches. Be mindful of the scale of your furniture and decor to keep the space from feeling cluttered.

8. How do I keep my boho outdoor space looking fresh and clean?

Regular maintenance is key. Clean and care for your outdoor furniture according to the manufacturer’s instructions, sweep and hose down outdoor rugs and surfaces, and trim back plants as needed.

9. Can I mix boho decor with other design styles?

Of course! Boho style pairs well with various design styles, such as modern, coastal, or rustic. Experiment with different combinations to create a unique and personalized outdoor space.

10. What’s the most important aspect of creating a boho outdoor space?

The most important aspect is to embrace your creativity and create a space that reflects your personality and style. Don’t be afraid to mix and match patterns, colors, and textures, and always remember to have fun with them!

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