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7 Minimalist Wall Decor Ideas to Fool Your Friends That You Hired a Designer

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Ah, the minimalist life. It’s all about living with less, decluttering your space, and embracing the beauty of simplicity. But what about your walls? Those blank canvases are just begging for some minimalist wall decor ideas. Don’t worry, I’ve got your back. 

Let me be your “designer on a dime” and help you transform your walls with these 17 eye-catching ideas. Trust me, by the end of this post, your friends will be begging for the number of your (non-existent) interior designer.

Minimalist Wall Decor Ideas

Idea 1: Frameless Art Prints

A beautiful, abstract painting with flowing brushstrokes in warm colors

Choosing the Right Print

Let’s start with the basics, shall we? Frameless art prints are a minimalist’s dream come true. With their clean lines and subtle charm, they’ll make a statement without overwhelming your space. Opt for abstract designs, line art, or geometric patterns that’ll have your friends wondering if you have secretly enrolled in an art appreciation course.

Display Options

You didn’t think I’d leave you hanging, did you? When it comes to displaying your frameless prints, the sky’s the limit. Showcase your art on floating shelves, picture ledges, or even clipboards for a touch of whimsy. The choice is yours, my minimalist maestro.

Infographic on Minimalist Wall Decor Ideas

Idea 2: Floating Shelves

Minimalist Shelf Styles

A minimalist shelf made of dark walnut wood with thin metal brackets, mounted on a light grey concrete wall

Speaking of floating shelves, they deserve a category all on their own. With their sleek design, they’re the ultimate minimalist wall decor. Choose from ledge shelves, invisible shelves, or modular shelving to make your walls sing with sophistication.

Shelf Decor Items

Now that you have your shelves, it’s time to accessorize. Less is more, so keep it simple with small plants, candles, or minimalist sculptures. Your friends will think you’ve turned into a tastemaker overnight.

DIY Minimalist Wall Decor Project: Geometric Wooden Wall Art

Geometric Minimalistic Wooden Wall Art featuring an abstract mountain range on a white wall

Time needed: 1 day and 12 hours

How to Make a DIY Geometric Wooden Minimalist Wall Art

  1. Gather Materials

    Wooden dowels (1/4-inch diameter)
    Wood glue
    Paint (your choice of colors)
    Painter’s tape
    Picture hanging hardware

  2. Cut the Wooden Dowels

    Measure and mark the wooden dowels into equal lengths (for example, 12 inches). Using a saw, carefully cut the dowels at the marked points.

  3. Sand the Edges

    Smooth out the edges of the dowels with sandpaper to remove any rough spots.

  4. Plan Your Design

    Lay out the dowels on a flat surface, creating a geometric pattern of your choice. You can create a simple grid or experiment with triangles and other shapes.

  5. Glue the Dowels Together

    Apply wood glue to the points where the dowels intersect, and press them firmly together. Allow the glue to dry completely, as per the manufacturer’s instructions.

  6. Paint Your Design

    Use painter’s tape to mask off sections of the dowels that you want to remain unpainted. Apply paint to the exposed areas, creating a minimalist design with your chosen colors. Allow the paint to dry completely.

  7. Attach Picture Hanging Hardware

    Attach picture hanging hardware to the back of your wooden wall art, following the hardware’s instructions.

  8. Hang Your DIY Minimalist Wall Art

    Find the perfect spot on your wall and hang your DIY geometric wooden wall art, adding a touch of minimalist flair to your space.

Idea 3: Gallery Walls

A minimalist gallery wall featuring a single large-scale abstract painting in bold colors

Selecting the Right Frames

Gallery walls are the “little black dress” of minimalist wall decor ideas. Timeless, elegant, and oh-so-chic. But, it’s all about choosing the right frames. Look for styles that complement your existing decor, and experiment with different sizes to create visual interest.


Feeling intimidated? Fear not, my minimalist maven. When it comes to arranging your gallery wall, think of balance and harmony. Play with different layouts before nailing anything to the wall, and soon, your friends will be convinced you hired a pro.

Five Essential Elements of Minimalist Wall Decor

ElementDescriptionExample Items
SimplicityClean lines and uncluttered spacesFrameless Art Prints, Mirrors
FunctionalityDecor items that serve a purposeMinimalist Wall Clocks, Floating Shelves
CohesionMaintaining a consistent color scheme and styleGallery Wall with Matching Frames
BalanceHarmonious arrangement of wall decor elementsWell-Planned Gallery Wall or Plant Display
Personal TouchIncorporating items that reflect your personal tasteArt Prints with Your Favorite Quotes, Personal Photos

Idea 4: Wall-Mounted Plants

Benefits of Indoor Plants

A delicate glass vase filled with a single white lily, hanging from a concrete wall in a bright, airy room.

Bring the outdoors in with wall-mounted plants. Not only do they add a breath of fresh air (literally) to your minimalist wall decor, but they also purify the air, making your space feel fresh and inviting. Talk about a win-win.

Types of Wall-Mounted Planters

There are plenty of options for your green-thumb pursuits. Choose from hanging planters, wall-mounted pots, or even vertical gardens to create a living masterpiece that’ll have your friends green with envy.

Idea 5: Mirrors

Choosing the Right Mirror

A minimalistic simple circular mirror hanging on a marble wall

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the savviest decorator of them all? You are, of course, with your minimalist wall decor ideas. Mirrors are a fantastic way to add depth and light to your space. Opt for different shapes and sizes to create a focal point that’ll have your friends checking themselves out (and your design skills).

Mirror Placement

Mirror placement is key to making your space feel larger and more inviting. Experiment with hanging mirrors above mantels, in hallways, or even in your home office to create an illusion of spaciousness that’ll leave your friends wondering if you’ve recently renovated.

Idea 6: Minimalist Wall Clocks

a minimalistic wall clock

Clock Designs

It’s time to make a statement (pun intended) with minimalist wall clocks. Choose from sleek designs or oversized clocks to create a functional piece of art that’ll keep you punctual and impress your friends.

Clock Placement

Location, location, location. Hang your minimalist wall clock above a mantel, in a hallway, or in your home office to ensure you’re always on time and in style.

Idea 7: Wall Tapestries

a minimalistic wall tapestry
Courtesy: The Lavish Era

Selecting the Right Tapestry

Last but not least, let’s talk tapestries. These fabric wonders can bring texture and visual interest to your minimalist wall decor. Look for abstract designs or monochromatic patterns that’ll make your friends question if you’ve secretly become an interior design guru.

Hanging Techniques

Ready to hang your tapestry? Experiment with rods and brackets, adhesive hooks, or wooden dowels to find the perfect solution for your space. No one will ever know you didn’t hire a designer.

Minimalist Wall Decor Accessories and Approximate Prices

AccessoryDescriptionApproximate Price Range
Frameless Art PrintsClean-lined art prints without frames$10 – $50
Floating ShelvesSleek shelves for displaying decor items$20 – $80
Wall-Mounted PlantersPlant holders that attach directly to the wall$15 – $60
Minimalist Wall ClocksSimple, understated wall clocks$25 – $100
MirrorsDecorative mirrors in various shapes and sizes$30 – $200
Abstract Wall TapestriesFabric wall hangings with minimalist designs$20 – $150

Mixing & Matching Minimalist Wall Decor Ideas

minimalistic and boho mix wall decor

Create a Cohesive Space

When it comes to minimalist wall decor, consistency is key. Stick to a color scheme and balance different elements to create a harmonious space that’ll leave your friends in awe.

Combine Different Decor Styles

Who says minimalism has to be boring? Mix textures and layer items to create a visually appealing space that’s uniquely yours. Go on, show off your newfound designer skills.

Color Schemes for Minimalist Wall Decor

Color SchemePrimary ColorSecondary ColorAccent Color
Earth TonesBeigeLight BrownDark Brown
Cool NeutralsWhiteLight GrayCharcoal Gray
Soft PastelsLight PinkLight BlueLight Gray
Black and WhiteBlackWhiteGray

Tips for Selecting the Right Minimalist Wall Decor

a minimalistic geometric wall art hanging on a wall

Assess Your Space

Before you dive headfirst into your minimalist wall decor journey, take a moment to assess your space. Consider wall size, height, and room layout to ensure your chosen decor will complement your space perfectly.

Consider Your Personal Style

At the end of the day, your space should be a reflection of you. Keep your personal preferences and existing decor in mind as you select your minimalist wall decor ideas. After all, you’re the one who’ll be enjoying it every day.

Ideal Wall Decor Ideas for Different Rooms

RoomDecor Idea 1Decor Idea 2Decor Idea 3
Living RoomGallery WallWall-Mounted PlantsFloating Shelves
BedroomFrameless Art PrintsMirrorsMinimalist Wall Clocks
Home OfficeWall TapestriesFloating ShelvesWall-Mounted Plants
KitchenMirrorsMinimalist Wall ClocksFloating Shelves
BathroomWall-Mounted PlantsMirrorsFloating Shelves


There you have it, 17 minimalist wall decor ideas that’ll have your friends thinking you hired a designer. So go ahead, embrace your inner tastemaker, and transform your space into a minimalist haven. Don’t forget to share your completed projects and experiences with us. We can’t wait to see your designer-worthy creations!

10-Day Actionable Checklist for Minimalist Wall Decor

  • Day 1: Assess – Evaluate your space, considering factors like wall size, height, and room layout.
  • Day 2: Plan – Create a plan for your minimalist wall decor, focusing on simplicity, functionality, and personal style.
  • Day 3: Choose – Select your color scheme, keeping in mind the overall aesthetic of your living space.
  • Day 4: Shop – Purchase or gather materials for your chosen wall decor ideas, such as art prints, floating shelves, mirrors, and wall planters.
  • Day 5: Organize – Clear your walls of any existing decor or clutter, and clean them thoroughly.
  • Day 6: Install – Mount floating shelves, mirrors, and wall planters according to your plan.
  • Day 7: Arrange – Place art prints, clocks, and other decor items on the shelves or hang them on the walls, ensuring balance and harmony.
  • Day 8: Style – Add personal touches to your minimalist wall decor, such as incorporating personal photos or favorite quotes.
  • Day 9: Review – Take a step back and evaluate your progress. Make any necessary adjustments to your wall decor to ensure cohesion and balance.
  • Day 10: Enjoy – Revel in the beauty of your newly decorated minimalist space and show it off to your friends and family.

Here is a Video on Minimalist Wall Decor

FAQs About Minimalist Wall Decor

Q: What is the essence of minimalist wall decor?

A: Minimalist wall decor focuses on simplicity, clean lines, and clutter-free designs that enhance the overall aesthetics of your living space.

Q: How can I create a minimalist gallery wall?

A: Select frames that complement your existing decor and experiment with different sizes and layouts to create balance and harmony.

Q: Can minimalist wall decor ideas work in small spaces?

A: Absolutely! Minimalist wall decor ideas are perfect for small spaces, as they create a sense of openness and can make rooms appear larger.

Q: How can I mix different minimalist wall decor styles without overdoing it?

A: Stick to a color scheme, balance different elements, and consider layering to create a visually appealing space without overwhelming your walls.

Q: Can I incorporate personal touches into minimalist wall decor?

A: Definitely! Choose wall decor that reflects your personality and preferences, and don’t be afraid to get creative.

Q: Are plants a good choice for minimalist wall decor?

A: Yes! Wall-mounted plants can add a breath of fresh air, purify the air, and create a natural focal point for your minimalist wall decor.

Q: How do I choose the right mirror for my minimalist wall decor?

A: Consider the shape, size, and style of the mirror, and experiment with different placements to create depth and light in your space.

Q: What types of clocks work best for minimalist wall decor?

Sleek designs and oversized clocks make great functional art pieces for minimalist wall decor.

Q: Can I use tapestries as minimalist wall decor?

Absolutely! Tapestries can add texture and visual interest to your minimalist wall decor. Opt for abstract designs or monochromatic patterns.

Q: How can I ensure my minimalist wall decor ideas will look good in my space?

Assess your space, considering factors like wall size, height, and room layout, and choose wall decor that complements your space and personal style.

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